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Small T-shirt Light Pink What Happens With The Girlfriends Stays girl friends

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Size: S
Style: Short Sleeve


99 Cent Auction!

Like in the cartoon "Rudolph"... these shirts are crying to get off the rack and be worn!  Shirts are made to order, we only keep blanks in stock... but sometimes we make up shirts by accident, and sometimes we get shirts returned to us for different sizes or whatever... point is I just counted these things and there is over 800 of them... that's just way to many... SO... This year I'm making it my goal to get these shirts on the backs of people!    

These shirts aren't "gold"... so they're not going to be bid up to high levels (for the most part) and that's really not my intent... I just want out from under them.  Shirts are made to be worn!  So... place a bid and give a lonely shirt a spot on your back!  

All shirts are new - never been washed... but some have been around a long time!  
The picture is the actual picture of the shirt being sent.