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Tan Large T-shirt EMS Emergency Medical Service

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Condition: New with tags
Size: L
Style: Short Sleeve


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Time to clean house!   

HoneVille's shirts are "printed on demand" so we stock only blank shirts.  However, sometimes we accidently make up a shirt in a wrong size, or on the wrong color... and we do offer free returns so sometimes we have shirts that just begin to sit around...  Time to give this shirt a home!  

* It's New...  Meaning it's never been washed or worn
* It needs a home.  I can only store blank shirts.
* It is the EXACT item pictured so look closely.

This item retails for $27.95 but is often on sale in our store for $19.95.  This design is available in other sizes, colors, styles and probably even on mugs in our eBay store!

CHECK OUT OUR STORE!  You'll love the selection!
Shipping/handling is just $4.31